Top 3 Reasons


Expense Reduction

The levelized cost of electricity* (LCOE) with solar is far less expensive than that of the electricity provided by the utility. Your business cannot simply continue on the path of business as usual, with solar as a far more cost effective source of electricity.

*LCOE is figured using the purchase cost of solar divided by 25 years.


Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is not only important for social and environmental reasons, but it is also good on your businesses bottom line. Solar helps reduce fixed costs all while eventually eliminating a portion, if not all of your electricity costs. 

*LCOE is figured using the purchase cost of solar divided by 25 years.


Inflation Control

The day your business switches to solar is the day you have stopped the inflation of your future electricity expenses. Regional electricity has gone up 3-5% annually for the last 10+ years. Solar energy puts a stop to that, and helps increase the value of your business.

*LCOE is figured using the purchase cost of solar divided by 25 years.

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Reduce Expenses

Normally business owners are the ones burdened with reducing businesses expenses. When it comes to reducing your electricity bill, we've got you covered! We have a team of people that have helped many Minnesota Businesses install solar on their roof, the ground, and with carports. 

Reach out to us and we can identify what may be the best for your business at no cost of pressured obligation. Lets chat!

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