Updated 3/16/2020-

Immediate Release:

Due to the Federally listed Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic, Faraday Solar, LLC is taking all necessary precautions to keep all our staff and community safe. 

We have adopted the guidelines of the CDC and this has affected our normal business practices. We are allowing all our office staff to work from home, therefore none of our locations will be open to the public except under scheduled approved visits. This includes any scheduled and unscheduled vendor visits, customer visits and similar.

We are doing what we can to keep as much of a normal flow to the business, we do anticipate to continue installing systems, however our schedule will be impacted by our staff's ability to attend work, as many of them have kids, and must stay home due to school closures. 

We are also canceling all Events until further notice, and in place of these events we have scheduled online webinars to help prevent the gathering of people and potentially exposing these people to the virus and to abide by the CDC's recommended distancing protocols. More information can be located at the sign up page here.

In some instances of operation of the business, our sales team and business developers visit locations that are interested in discussing solar, or to go over their analyses. We will be no longer visiting sites, unless it is absolutely necessary. And if necessary, all sanitation practices are in place to help prevent the spread of the virus, by using the practices recommended by the CDC. This was a difficult decision, but we strongly believe in what is best for our communities, is also best for our staff, and our clients. 

We will continue to provide analyses for our communities, and will offer a discount on each of these analyses to represent the savings Faraday will see in not putting vehicles & staff on the road. Not only does this practice help the potential spread of the virus, but also offers a smaller carbon footprint. To see what those savings represent, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this procedural order, feel free to call our office at 651-497-7487. To request a meeting, you can fill out a request here.

Thank you!