Solar Panels

25 Year Warranty

Home Value

Increase by 5%


Energy Production & Usage


10 Year Warranty

Roof Warranty

No affect on Warranty



What are the Best Solar Panels?

The best solar panel for your roof may be different to the next roof. Faraday Solar selects only tier 1 modules, helping ensure your system will produce the most power for the length of the systems life.

The solar panels we suggest for a house in MN is going to be different then those suggested in other climates and for commercial roofs. Why? Minnesota offers a climate that makes certain modules more ideal and homes can better utilize a 60 Cell panel vs. a commercial 72 Cell module.

All the panels come with a minimum of a 25 year warranties that guarantee to be producing at least 80% of its original power in 25 years. Giving you piece of mind, that your system will last long past the day that it starts paying for itself.

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Monitor Your Energy

Included in every installation we design and have installed, is solar energy monitoring. What is unique is your ability to monitor each and every solar panel. 

You can access this information from any computer, phone or tablet. Keeping you informed on the status and performance of your solar system.

As an additional benefit, the system can allow you to monitor your home usage as well. Additional purchases can allow you to also view your EV charging status and battery backup system.

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Inverter- The Brains of the System

There are several good options on the market for home solar inverters. We exclusively use SolarEdge™ not because we are a dealer or get good deals, but because our professional opinion is they are the best option for systems for homes.

They utilize Optimizers for each panel and they operate up to a industry leading 99% efficient. They incorporate other technologies like EV charges right into the inverter that can all be monitoried

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