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30% Solar Tax Incentive Ends in 2019

Solar in Minneapolis Minnesota

This year in 2019, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) ends at 30%. All projects must be signed and "Shovel Ready" before Dec. 31st., 2019. Shovel ready is a signed contract that has been designed, engineered, and solar permit ready or complete.

After 2019 the solar ITC starts its sunset period. This means that in 2020 the rebate drops to 26%, in 2021 it drops to 22%, and then 10% in 2022. The solar tax credit phase out stays at 10% for commercial customers, but for residential customers it disappears.

If you are a commercial customer, 2019 offers the full 30% federal tax credit plus a great accelerated depreciation schedule that makes the system a no brainer. Sign up here--> https://www.mnsolarpanels.com/free-solar-analysis

If your a residential customer, you need to sign up for solar in 2019 and no later than 2020. Because economies of scale are not in your favor, after those dates solar becomes less attractive with further return on investments. Don't get us wrong, solar would still be a great deal, but not as good as now. Sign up here--> https://www.mnsolarpanels.com/free-solar-analysis-1

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We can help you with your financing needs. We have several partners that offer Zero Down solar and low cost interest rates. All of our financing makes your electricity cheaper day one!

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