Save $$ with solar for your home

If you are thinking of going solar, we can help with a FREE, no obligation solar analysis for your home. You will receive a complete analysis, showing how many panels will fit on your roof, how much energy you will produce, if you would qualify for tax credits or utility rebates, what your return on investment would be and the increase in your homes value per a Zillow™ study as well as CNBC

We also offer Solar Systems with EV Chargers


Faraday Solar in the Twin Cities, offers the only solar inverter company that integrates an electric vehicle charger within the inverter. 

Do you currently have an electric vehicle or are considering purchasing one in the future? Solar goes hand in hand with producing your own vehicles fuel from the sun. And, now with the integration of a charger in an inverter you will save a lot of money installing a charger now and you'll receive a Federal tax credit on the inverter.  

A system with an integrated charger will allow you to program your charger to help avoid paying higher utility rates during times of the day the utility is charging more.

Through the systems app, you will have the ability to start and stop charging right from your phone or computer. You will also be able to see the condition of the charging as well.

See how much you could be saving on solar with an integrated EV charger, receive your analysis.


Solar Monitoring Is included in all installations

Included with all of our system designs, is monitoring of each solar panel and inverter, which is viewable from any smart device or computer.

The system has the ability to monitoring your usage of electricity as well. More Info.