Electric Bill:

$50/ Month

What you'll Need-

In Minnesota, an electric bill of $50 is typically a monthly usage of 175kWh's. You are doing a great job keeping your usage low, this is what you need to offset all of your electricity and utility service fees.

10- Solar Panels
Solaria PowerXT.png

The number of panels needed for your bill is estimated on average electric bills in MN. Some utility area's may require more or less do to varying utility fees and etc. The estimated size of the system is also based on specific solar panels and their production assuming minimal shading and proper orientation and slope. 

How you'll Benefit-

You will be producing the electricity you use at a fixed rate, while increasing your home value. Once the system pays for itself, you will have free electricity for the life of the system. 



4,400 kWh

per Year

Home Value








How To Go Solar-

GoingSolar™ can be a whole lot cheaper than you may think. If paying for the system upfront isn't what you would prefer, we can get you started for as low as $0 down and small monthly payments. So, whether paying upfront or looking to finance, we can help. Give us some of your information and we can get started on a full analysis, detailing out the costs and return on your system. Get started now-

All figures are based on an Xcel Energy Customer in MN and a typical installation cost with non-financing and qualified under the Solar*Rewards program.